Aviation Security Challenges


  • Asymmetric warfare.
  • Greater terrorist capabilities.
  • Increasing criminal activities.
  • Technological Changes.
  • System vulnerabilities
  • Congestion of meters/greeters


  • Vulnerabilities in access control and background checks
  • Ground attacks
    1. Attacks on terminals
    2. Perimeter Coordinated breach, airside attacks
    3. Infrastructure attacks (radar and ATC sites)
  • Explosives in cargo hold
  • Coordinated attacks to disrupt system
  • Chem-Bio attacks onboard
  • Use of Aircraft in service for the purpose of causing death/ damage to property

Concept of Security

The aviation security in Pakistan is based on VISIBLE DETERRENCE, MULTIPLE CHECKS and layered security and to pre-empt and counter the threats posed to civil aviation Industry which is ensured by employing all the available resources in term of men and material. Moreover, ASF has recognized the importance of security and facilitation as a key link in aviation system and endeavors to maintain a balance between both these aspects. In order to meet the ends of this concept, ASF secures the airports by ensuring:-

  • Access Control System.
  • Passenger & Baggage Screening.
  • Entry of Vehicles to Airside.
  • Air Cargo Security.
  • Security of Catering.
  • Perimeter Security.
  • Car Parks Security.
  • Intelligence Coverage. 
  • Effective Supervision and Monitoring.

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